It's Marshall Court Monday!

DO WE HAVE JOHN MARSHALL TO BLAME?  And of course I mean for the powerful Supreme Court we have today.  John Marshall was the longest running Chief Marshall in history and Richard Brookhiser has a great new book about him out now.  He's on at 2, but you should buy the book here.

I'VE GOT MAYOR HANCOCK ON TOMORROW AT 2 And I'm not sure we're going to take calls for this first visit (I've got a LOT to talk about with him already) but I'll take your ideas for questions in the 3pm hour today.


Let's be real about what Gillette is doing here.  Millennial men are wearing beards, which means they aren't shaving.  So Gillette is trying to play on the emotions of these guys and let them know if they want to APPEAR woke, they best LOOK woke.  And that means using a Gillette razor to ditch the homeless Amish guy look they've been rocking.  Don't believe me?  Just look at how many of the grilling group of guys at the :34 mark have beards.  And then how many of the "real" men at the end have beards.  It's just Woke Marketing 101 and I'm already tired of it.  It's odd that this coincides with the APA's pronouncement that "toxic masculinity" is a mental issue.  No, it's not odd at all.

DON'T WANT TO DITCH THE BEARD?  JUST ADD FEMININE TOUCHES TO YOUR WARDDROBE And designers in Milan are adding sequins, wild patterns, lace and other girly bits to their menswear lines.  Why?  it's the message for men to get in touch with their feminine side.  And I'm done. 

RTD IS IN A DEATH SPIRAL And Randal O'Toole at the Independence Institute has been warning of this for YEARS and yet, here we are.  Ridership is down, trains budgets are bloated, expensive and blown and ride sharing technology means RTD doesn't have many other ways to get themselves out of this mess.  Read this article, please

THIS NEWS STORY ISN'T REALLY A STORY AT ALL Because it's about a Democrat Stacy Abrams from Georgia saying she would not be opposed to non-citizens voting in local elections.  I am guessing that many Democrats and even a few Republicans would be okay with this based on the representation argument.  I'm opposed because until someone is a citizen they never have to give up their allegiance to their home country.  It might just be an oath, but it does mean something.  

THERE COULD BE A TEACHER'S STRIKE IN DENVER And it's about pay and stuff. 

ENVIRONMENTALISTS LOSE BIG IN THE COLORADO SUPREME COURT And it had to do with whether or not the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission had to insure NO public health threats when issuing oil and gas leases.  The commission rejected the demands from teenagers in 2013 who were being used by environmentalists to promote their agenda.  From the Daily Caller

In 2013, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Boulder and other teenagers asked the COGCC to not issue any new permits for oil and gas drilling unless it could be shown "that drilling can occur in a manner that does not cumulatively, with other actions, impair Colorado’s atmosphere, water, wildlife and land resources, does not adversely impact human health and does not contribute to climate change.” Their concerns included the effects of oil and gas production on climate change, driven by carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels.

And today the Colorado Supreme Court said that such a proclamation would be beyond the statutory duties of the Commission.  Expect Dems in the Legislature to make a move to amend those statutes. 

SHUTDOWN, SCHMUTDOWN, IT'S NOT ARMAGEDDON And I've had my fill of the horror stories about "upscale burger joints" who count on the federal workforce to fill them up for lunch having to cut lunchtime hours.  Now breaks down the reality of a government shutdown, which for most of us means nothing.  It's no economic Armageddon by any stretch. 


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