03/15/23 Blog: Boulder Valley School District is Accused of Racism

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BVSD IS ACCUSED OF RACISM BY A WHITE FAMILY HOLY COW, this story is CRAZY but not surprising at all. A white couple with a nine year old son is accusing the Boulder Valley School District of racism after their son has been continually attacked by the black daughter of a school employee. They say their son has been choked, hit and otherwise terrorized by a young girl who they also allege (with an affidavit from a teacher) has anger and violent outbursts often in the school. They also allege that the girl is continually protected by her mother, who works at the school, by alleging that other children are racist to defend her physically aggressive actions. They also say their son, who has been a victim of these attacks, was punished by being forced to move to a different class and have recess in a different playground with only one other student to play with. They also allege that the mother of the girl has been attacking their family and son on Facebook, and spreading rumors that their son is a "racist" and that other parents should watch out for him. The detail in this filing are stunning but not surprising. Is this okay, Boulder? Is it? I've got Sherri Peif on the show today at 2 to discuss. Read her article with all the details here.

THE DOUGCO SOAP OPERA CONTINUES And the meeting the other day is really telling as to exactly who is doing what down there. Watch this part where Baby Dictator Abe threatens to have a man removed before he opens up the "Commissioner Comment" section. Look at who he looks to for Commissioner Comment first. It's not the woman the commenters have been defending for the first part of the meeting.

You really should watch the citizens comments before this section. You can also watch when Baby Dictator Laydon decided to try and tell everyone how great he was before he kicked out the man who kept shouting things out. Right before this he read a prepared script explaining how awesome the Board is because they managed to get a bit of business done. Then it goes off the rails. He then goes on and essentially says Lora is the problem and that the people who are there to testify on her behalf have been "lied to".

Little inside baseball from my perspective. When I've had Lora Thomas on the show and she's talked about various issues, she has ALWAYS provided any documentation I have asked for to back up what she's talking about. ALWAYS. I've had Abe on the show where he made claims about who is supporting the RWR Water boondoggle and when I've requested backup documentation, he has NEVER provided it. He also told me, to my face in my studio, that Lora Thomas will NEVER be elected to another office in Douglas County. How does he know that unless he has inside knowledge about the attack mailers that are flooding the county? This is comically bad and I live in this County so it's not as comical to me as it should be. Also note, he is READING his attack on Lora from another script. What an ass. Please enjoy this part where one citizen asks George Teal to apologize on behalf of his wife, who is extremely nasty on social media. He did not.

SOME JOURNALISTS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS This new bill at the Legislature slid in under the radar, but thankfully Ari Armstrong writes about a move by the Legislature to determine who the "real" journalists are when it comes to Colorado Open Records Requests. I believe this is a direct attack on some of the angry citizens who have been doing really good work uncovering wrongdoing by various governments. They are trying to choose who gets quick response times for Information requests and this is shameful and simply makes me believe that Colorado governments just have a lot to hide.

WHY CAN'T OUR KIDS READ? Because educational "experts" have decided that the way we all learned to read well, using phonics, was bad. They replaced it with ineffective methods that has left many of our kids functionally illiterate. Read more here.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT FRAUD FOR A SECOND? Fraudsters are getting very sophisticated these days and this story is so very sad. A mom and daughter are out $200,000, which was the mom's life savings, after being scammed by a fake title company during the purchase of a townhome. If you are a realtor, PLEASE warn any of your buyers to be very aware of these sorts of scams. A friend of mine was almost the victim of a very sophisticated scammer pretending to be a member of the sheriff's office. He had the names of other "fellow officers" and talked very clearly about the department. Luckily when he asked for cash, she realized it was a scam. Be careful and please talk to your parents about this, as older people are far more trusting when someone presents themselves as an authority. It's only going to get much much worse as technology makes it easier to scam people. A CEO got scammed out of a quarter of a million bucks by someone using this tech. This is not just about old people, this is going to be pervasive.

TICKETS GO ON SALE TODAY FOR CHEYENNE FRONTIER DAYS And if you love country music this is the place to be. Find out more here.

IS THIS A BANKING CRASH OR A BANKING WOBBLE? This story about Credit Suisse and the troubles it is having is one to watch. The banking sector is on the rocks, but is this a crash or merely a wobble? We won't know for a bit, but this is a really big deal. Will the Swiss government bail out the bank as we have done here? We'll see.

THE MORAL HAZARDS OF THE BANK BAILOUTS HAPPENING NOW This is a good column on how and why the bailouts being done right now (and yes, they are bailouts even though I initially thought they weren't) and how they will simply inspire more bad behavior and crappy decision making by banks in the future. I feel like this is what the end of a nation looks like.

AND SO THE DEEP FAKE ATTACKS HAVE BEGUN This one is about a middle school principal who was the victim of some overly clever students who made a deep fake video of him saying horrible racist things about black and brown students while threatening to bring a gun to school. Kids are stupid and they don't realize that this can destroy someone's life. I worry about this a lot.

GRETA THUNBERG DELETES 2018 TWEET BECAUSE IT WAS TOTALLY WRONG And welcome to the world of climate science, Greta! She is young so it to be forgiven for not knowing that all catastrophic climate predictions are ALWAYS wrong and have been since Michael Mann made the hockey stick back in 1996. What did she say back in 2018?

Whoops, still here. Sorry Greta!


GROCERY PRICES THEN AND NOW Holy cow this lady really brings inflation home in a big way. Watch below or click here.

WHEN MANAGERS END A MEETING EARLY This is funny because it's true. Watch below or click here

JUST SOME FRIENDS HANGING AROUND I have bad grip strength so this is a no from me.


WAS FACEBOOK HOARDING WORKERS? That's what one former Meta employee is claiming, saying she basically had no work to do and that people on her team were "fighting" for work. She also says the company was hoarding employees like Pokemon cards. Read more here.

PARIS HILTON WAS GROOMED BY HER EIGHTH GRADE TEACHER And I am not going to lie, I know more than one woman with this story. We are all very cavalier when a female teacher does this, but it's very predatory behavior with long lasting consequences. Read about it here.

ANOTHER WAY TO DEAL WITH A POLICE STOP Note this guy is not dead.

WHEN YOUR RATE IS TOO GOOD TO SELL This is an interesting story about how people are becoming "accidental landlords" because they got such a low rate on their homes it makes more sense to rent then sell. This is creating further shortages in the real estate market, but I don't blame them.



WHY NOT CHANGE YOUR AGE? Ben Shapiro makes a great point about gender ideology and he's right.

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